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Short Term Rentals Forced to Temporarily Shut Down by Local Governments Across the U.S

There's a growing number of cities and counties who are making emergency laws to temporarily ban Short Term Rentals. This is all developing in the last few days as local government respond to the coronavirus.

Here Are the Temporary Shut Downs We Know of So Far:

The Precedent Has Now Been Set For Mass Temporary Shut Downs

In most cases, when local governments decide to shut down non-critical businesses, they are including Short Term Rentals on the list of businesses.

With big names like Miami Dade and Florida Keys shutting down STRs, local governments across the U.S now have the precedent they need to shut down short term rentals and hotels in their jurisdictions. Politicians see the writing on the wall that with coronavirus it's better to be safe than sorry, and will look to temporarily ban as much "non-critical" activity as politically feasible.

Some STR Property Owners and Managers Support Temporary STR Shut Downs

Some STR Property Owners and Managers have taken to Facebook to express their support of temporary shut downs. They believe that it's the best decision to protect the health, relations with local citizens and the long term reputation of their city/town, and are willing to make the financial sacrifice during this time.

“We are supporting putting a temporary hold on short-term lodging, including motels, hotels, shared rooms, and vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe for the safety of our staff and the community.” - Stu Roberson, RnR Vacation Rentals in South Lake Tahoe

A few have mentioned that a temporary shutdown will protect the safety of their staff and local community. They are careful to note that if STR are closed down, hotels and motels should also be shut down. It's also important that an end date to put on any temporary shutdowns, so that they don't drag on forever and guests are able to plan for the future.

Disagree with Temporary STR Bans? Act Quickly

If you don't support local bans on STRs, it's time to quickly band together with your competition to petition local governments not to temporarily shut down STRs. If it hasn't happened in your local market it's coming soon.

Reach out to your local leaders and let them know why you do or don't support a temporary shut down of STRs. If you don't support it, explain to them the cleanliness precautions your cleaners are making during this time. Mention the possible use cases for affordable STR during this time including emergency responders, self isolators, nurses, and families that need affordable accommodations during this time.

PS: Join the 40k+ Airbnb hosts who have written to Congress to support Airbnb's economic relief proposal with this automated tool

What do you think? Do you support a temporary ban on short term rentals in your town or city? Is this a government overreaction or necessary to protect the long term reputation and health of your city? 👇Comment below 👇 or email me at

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