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STR Operators Are Starting Local Movements to Lobby for Reduced Property Taxes, Fees, and Licenses

The coronavirus has virtually shut down the travel industry overnight and has resulted in financial hardships for many Short Term Rental property owners. Local Vacation Rental Managers, STR Owners and Hosts are putting competition aside to lobby together for refunds on local property taxes, licenses and fees.

You Can't Get What You Don't Ask For

In many markets, like Florida for example, STRs are legally not allowed to operate anymore. Why is it fair that STRs are also hit with extra STR taxes and fees when they legally can't operate?

One of our readers, Ray, took matters into his own hands. Ray reported to me that he is on an email thread of 250+ local hosts/PMs. Ray took the initiative to write a letter for all the other STRs in his area to sign and send to the local township. The letter requested $350/person back in annual town STR licenses, which they expect to receive. That's $87,500 total! It's not life changing, but it's better than nothing.

After success with that request, the local group of STRs are also asking for credits on investment property taxes. Since most of the homes aren't producing income at this time, it's only fair that unoccupied properties aren't taxed more than residential real estate. When it comes to lobbying local politicians, many voices is better than one.

Trend Heats Up

Since posting about this 2 hours ago in our STR newsletter, 10 other management companies have asked me for Ray's template to send to local hosts in their community.

One Vacation Rental Manager said they are also reaching out to their Accommodations Tax Processor, Avalara, to lobby on behalf of all the owners.

Other STRs are taking to local media outlets like this to plead for VR tax relief.

A few counties have already implemented a policy to waive late fees and taxes on late property tax payments for vacation rentals. Look for this trend to widen, as STRs continue to band together to lobby for fair changes.

Want the Local Government Financial Relief Letter Template?

To receive the template that our reader Ray sent with 250 signatures, please email us at and we will gladly share it with you.

Are you looking to lobby local governments for relief? If so, we'd love to hear more in the comments below 👇

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