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Why I Write A Monthly Newsletter for VRM's

I'd like to start by sharing a brilliant quote that has stuck with me for the last year:

"Most of modern life, all of our diseases are diseases of abundance, not diseases of scarcity... We are overexposed to everything. The human brain is not designed to absorb all the world's breaking news 24/7 emergencies, injected straight into your skull with click-bait headline news. If you pay attention to that stuff, even if you're sound in mind in body, it will eventually drive you insane." - Naval (Full 3 minute Clip here)

My goal with this newsletter is to provide actionable information that will help you with your Vacation Rental business. This means my job is to sift through the large amount of useless information that is designed to steal your attention in order to find the nuggets of gold that can help you. That actionable information might include trends, data, industry events, tech developments, Covid-19 implications, regulation news, booking channel updates and anything else that might directly benefit you and your business' stakeholders.

My hope is that this newsletter will help you consume less weaponized, click-bait news that doesn't help you so that you can focus more on helping yourself, your family, your clients, your guests, your employees and your community.

Today, we have 1370 people in the Vacation Rental and STR space who subscribe to these. If you have important information that will help others in the industry, please always feel free to send it to me and I will evaluate its usefulness for the community.

If you are interested in receiving the monthly newsletter you can subscribe for free here.

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